What’s Next

In the back of my head is always a thought: What will I do when I stop designing websites?

A Lifetime Odyssey

Sasha Sagan, daughter of famed astronomer Carl Sagan, wrote a wonderful piece about her father and how life is both terrifying and exciting.

On the Job

My grandfather was a carpenter. He built many houses, including his and my grandmother’s, and my family’s home.

Four Color Process

I’ve been reading comic books off and on since I was little. There was a time when I thought I’d like to pursue a career in drawing comics.

Ask a question

When I want to find out more about my own work, I ask a question. When someone asks me to look at their work, I ask a question. It’s a silly thing to say, but it took me years to do that.

Philadelphia Fade Out

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so when I travel I often get weird looks when I ask for a glass of wooder, and man do I miss good sawff pressle. Last week The New York Times published a great piece on the unique Philly sound.

Take a breath

Have you ever seen something that someone else made that you just hated? What happened next? Did you rush to Facebook or Twitter to share your disdain with the world?

The Winter Olympics Gear Guide

The New York Times has been doing a great job covering the 2014 Winter Olympics, but also a spectacular job of giving the games a bit more context.