You’re My Favorite Client

Mike Monteiro drops the other shoe and follows up his amazing book Design Is a Job with something for that special client in your life, You’re My Favorite Client.

Correspondence with an Ex-Designer

I want to share a letter I received from ex-designer, now sheep farmer, Ruth, in reply to my post from a few months back where I wondered what comes next after being a designer.

Ed Emberley

Highlighting work spanning more than five decades, this gorgeous and comprehensive book celebrates the talented and prolific life of Ed Emberley.

Why You Want a Code of Conduct

Erin Kissane expertly outlines why our gatherings need a code of conduct. If you are a member of the web community, or really any community, this is required reading.

Ode to a Table

A large kitchen in your average New York apartment is like a mythical beast. You may muse about their existence from time to time, but chances run high that they aren’t real things.

Ditching Twitter

I’ve recently tried just using Twitter less, not engaging as often or as deeply to see if I could somehow keep it around. But not participating feels weird too.